Monday, September 2, 2013

Military Monday: TRICARE

This week's topic is about TRICARE.

Has it been a nightmare? A godsend? Run of the mill for you & your family? What experiences have you had with it? Any hospitalizations or basic doctor visits? Infertility? Pregnancy? Elective surgeries? Did you experience anything particularly wonderful or horrible? Does it work well for your children (if you have them)? How do you feel like it differs from your spouse's coverage compared to yours? Have things varied from continental to international experiences?

I have never experienced any problems with TRICARE so far (yes!) so I can't complain about it. I know many people have a love/hate relationship with TRICARE. I'm extremely grateful to have it because many don't have health insurance.

I've only used non-military facilities when it comes to healthcare because that is what my husband prefers. The process of choosing a new pediatrician for my son was very easy with TRICARE especially since we move a lot. 

Overall, I just let my husband take care of anything health insurance related since he understands it more than I do. If a problem were to arise, he'd have to deal with it. :)

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