Monday, September 30, 2013

Military Monday: Care Packages

This week's topic: Care Packages

How have you shown your military loved one special care while they were away? 
Did you choose to have special themes for your boxes? 
Are there any tips or tricks you used that you think would be helpful to pass along?

When E was deployed I sent him a few care packages to cheer him up. Thankfully they all got to him; sometimes they get lost, stolen (yes it happens in the military too!) or end up in the ocean (oops) during a replenishment at sea.

Back then I didn't even think to decorate any of the care packages I sent. Lately I've been seeing so many creative care packages with fun themes to match the holidays. I wish I could have done it!


care package

Aren't they cool? Even though I sent boring care packages to E, he was always super happy to get them. I mean look at his facial expression in the picture below. All because he got his favorite cookies. hehe

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