Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hawaii: Climbing Diamond Head Crater

One iconic place I got to visit while vacationing in Hawaii was Diamond Head Crater. The climb to the top wasn't so bad. There was a long, steep staircase we had to hike up; this was the most difficult part because we got tired easily and our leg muscles got weak. It's definitely worth getting over this "obstacle" because the view from the top of Diamond Head is breathtaking! I got to take some great photos of the ocean and Waikiki.

Fort Ruger was in the interior of Diamond Head. It was the first US Military reservation on Hawaii.

Some areas of Diamond Head were used to film the television show Lost.

The staircase has 74 steps.

The round-trip hike on Diamond head takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.


Who came up with the name Diamond Head? Way back during the 19th century, British sailors thought there were diamonds within the rocks. These so-called diamonds were actually calcite crystals.

Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone. It is about 150,000 years old.


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