Monday, September 23, 2013

Military Monday: Family Planning

This week's Military Monday topic is:
Family Planning

Did you try to plan your pregnancies/child birth's around your military spouse/significant other's career situation? 
How did your military man's job affect how you planned your family? 
Did you find it easier to have them there or away for different aspects (pregnancy/infancy/toddler, etc)?
Did you choose to have your child back home?
Was your family able to help from far away or were they able to visit you? 

Once upon a time, I left for Hawaii to meet up with E when his shipped stopped there before the end of his deployment. After spending about 8 days in Hawaii, we both flew to San Diego to finish the rest of our awesome vacation. During this time I was randomly emotional and my appetite was all weird. I didn't suspect anything of it though. 

I flew back home to Florida alone. A few days later I was at a doctor's appointment when I heard the big news. You're pregnant! Yay! It was September 22, 2011 that changed my life forever. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was, but 2 years ago yesterday. :)

My son is a post-deployment baby! We had planned to start a family after E's deployment when we knew he would be there for his birth. We were apart for a couple months during the beginning of my pregnancy because he was in CA while I was in FL; that was the hardest part. He did get to come back home for the holidays before he was off to San Diego again. We also found out the gender of the baby around that time.

We moved to Washington state a few months before our son was born. E's ship was undergoing a year-long maintainance which made raising our son easier because he wasn't going out to sea.

Here I am at 39 weeks! Washington is especially beautiful during the summer.

I wish I could have had family close by during my son's birth but that was impossible, being across the country and all. Plus, it's hard to schedule vacation time around the due date since babies are unpredictable! I still had an amazing birth with my husband as my coach. He did a great job helping me.

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