Thursday, August 29, 2013

MilSpouse Spotlight: South Hill Designs by Melissa K [100th Post!]

A friend of mine, Melissa, sells custom lockets that you can personalize with cute little charms. You can choose from tons of different charms to piece together inside the locket.

This is what Melissa has to say about these charm necklaces:

"I bought one and just loved it. The one for me tells my story about my daughter and becoming a mom. Then I made one for my mom for being an awesome grandma! But there are so many stories to tell. Love, weddings, sports, cancer survivor, autism, and so much more! You can change the charms out at any time you change your mood! So personal! And awesome gifts!"

You can get really creative with these lockets! There are even charms available for Navy, Marines, Air Force and Army. (Didn't see one for Coast Guard yet though).

Visit Melissa's Facebook and website for deals and updates!

What would you create if you bought one?

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