Monday, August 12, 2013

Military Monday #4: PCS Adventures

This Military Monday topic is: PCS Adventures!

Did you explore the Grand Canyon on your way to Cali? Or vaca in the Big Apple before moving to Europe? Maybe a road trip with various tourist stops along the way? 

Did you drive? Fly? Ride a train or bus?

How much time did you take to PCS? Was your spouse/significant other able to be there with you or did you PCS on your own? Maybe help from family? Were you hauling all of your belongings or did the military move them for you?

When we moved from Washington state to California we drove straight through without making any stops (besides bathroom and getting gas). We decided to move our own belongings so we packed it all up in a truck and went on our way! 

It took almost 21 hours which honestly didn't seem that bad at all. Unless you're stuck sitting in the uncomfortable middle seat with your legs cramped! That was the only part I didn't like. Z slept most of the time because he loves car rides so we had no problems at all with a fussy baby. 

After we got to California, my husband decided we were never doing that again and will have the Navy move us instead. Haha.


He was so little!

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