Monday, August 26, 2013

Military Monday: Livin' Easy

Do you live on base/post/fort or away from the military world?
What factors did you consider when deciding where you would live?
Was one more affordable than the other?
Did it help/hinder your family situation?
What things would be helpful for others to know before they potentially move to your area?

NAS North Island [via]

We currently live off base in military housing (15 minutes from base). My husband decided it would be best to search for housing off-base because we'd have BAH left over. Having extra money definitely helps our family situation. We love that all the utilities are included and don't have to worry about extra bills.

Some things that would be helpful for others to know before they potentially move would be:
  • Research the area
  • Get a tour of the housing before deciding it's the place for you
  • Check housing amenities (ie: air conditioning, washer/dryer)
When we resided in WA, the military housing we lived in did not have A/C and it was super hot during the summer! My son was an infant and got a bad heat rash from it. 
Having air conditioning was one of the important factors of choosing where we live now. Sometimes you have to sacrifice space or certain amenities. I live in a small townhouse, but am thankful that we have A/C. :)

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