Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger Opp: All-Natural YesterYear Soap Giveaway (Starts 6/1)

YesterYear Soap Giveaway Button

FREE Blogger Opp!

Promoters will receive one free link (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) with announcement ($5 without announcement)
Get your annoucement HERE!
Additional Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest links are $1 each
E-mail subscribe, RSS, or Feedburner links are $2 each
Daily vote or daily comment links are $3 each
ALL paid links MUST be paid via PayPal as a GIFT to armywifeandmommy@mail.com
Giveaway will be held from June 1st - June 15th
You MUST agree to promote the giveaway 3 times a week on Facebook and Twitter (and any other social networks you choose!)
If you would like to sign up to help promote this giveaway, please do so HERE!

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