Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hawaii: Flight

The end of this month will be a year since my vacation in Hawaii. One that I will never forget!
My husband had just finished a 7-month deployment and the final stop was in Oahu, Hawaii.  

Here's how my journey to paradise began.

My flight departed Orlando at 9 A.M. and was headed to Atlanta, GA to connect flights. When the plane landed there was a delay and no one was allowed to leave. This worried me because my flight was set to depart in less than 45 minutes which is not a lot of time when you have to rush to get on another plane. After we finally were able to get off I had to literally RUN. First of all, I had no idea where I was going since this was my first time in the ATL airport. This place was packed. The worst part was that the terminal I had to go to was in the complete opposite of where my plane landed. I had to get on a tram that seemed to go 2 mph. Did I think to wear comfortable shoes while traveling? Nope. 

When the tram stopped at the terminal I rushed out of it and started running again. I had less than 5 minutes to catch my 2nd flight. My heart was pounding and I was on the verge of crying. I finally got to the gate with seconds to go before the plane left without me. Out of breath, I quickly got inside and had another obstacle - finding my seat. There were 3 rows of seats and the airplane seemed to be miles long. When I got to my seat I was so relieved. Only 9 hours to go. At least I was next to the window.

I didn't sleep much on the way. I guess I was too excited. The man next to me talked almost the entire time but I didn't mind too much. There was a TV in front of me for entertainment and the meal they served was surprisingly good.

Wild rice, chicken and veggies with a side salad and a roll.

Flying over Texas you can see the interesting irrigation circles.

Are we there yet???

The last hour before landing felt the longest. I was very anxious to get on land. As the plane started to descend, I could finally see the island of Oahu! 

There it is :)

At last!


I was very anxious to be out of that plane and meet up with my husband. He was waiting for me by the luggage when I found him among the crowd. It was one of the happiest moments I've ever felt. We gave each other a HUGE hug. I got my polka-dotted pink suitcase and was ready for this adventure!

To be continued.


  1. <3 it. its like u brought me along with u just reading this =)

  2. i agree! thanks for taking me on ur flight and ur trip to hawaii!! i've always wanted to go to hawaii, but changed my mind with the long trip, but u made it seem like a breeze! thanks kellz

    1. You're welcome. The long trip is so worth it!!



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