Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What are the Best Educational Toys for Girls?

Before we look at what are the very best educational girls’ toys, it is worth looking at the common characteristics that are shared among them.

To class something as an “educational toy,” what must it be?

· Open-ended, so greater depth can be added to the play experience over time

· Offer opportunities for self-discovery as learning through interaction with others on an equal basis

· Engaging and age appropriate so that children want to play with it time and again without becoming bored

Those three points go a long way to summing up everything that a great educational toy is and should be, and give pointers to what parents should be looking out for when they next head to the store or are looking online to buy toys for their child.

What are some of the best examples of these toys, and how do they tick the boxes of the points described above?


Even something as innocuous as the seemingly innocent doll can be an excellent educational toy. We’re not talking about Barbie or another mass-produced brand, but something more classy, that will likely help to develop your daughter in other ways away from how to dress for a nightclub or choose a sparkling bikini.

A well-chosen doll can be the ideal toddler girl toy, and remain relevant right up until they are reaching their teenage years. Dolls that are a throwback to historically significant times and offer a wide range of play opportunities will be the best for educating a little girl. Even better if there is a whole range of books and other exciting add-ons available for a truly interactive and engaging play experience.

The other great thing about a doll is that it is far more charming and traditional than a lot of other toddler girl toys you see in stores these days.

That said, the more advanced and “modern” gadgets aimed at young girls can still be great educational purchases, too.

Children’s Tablets

It had to happen. Following the success of the iPad and other successful tablet devices, it was only a matter of time before something was produced aimed primarily at children.

As a parent, the key to unlocking the potential of a tablet device aimed at children is to use it extensively yourself and work out what the child can use it for. To say children are more “tech savvy” these days, and that just using the device will be educational is one thing, however we can take the lead and ensure that these are used to engage and interact with quality content and applications as well as with games and other entertainment content.

Both tablet devices and dolls are great ideas for toddler girl toys, and offer a range of benefits in a variety of ways.

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  1. great post! i was totally a doll girl :)

  2. Great recommendations! Dolls make a nice gift for girls of all ages! :-)



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