Friday, September 14, 2012

Bring Your Baby Matinees

Being a nursing mother myself, I think this is a great program! I recently found out about it and would like to share it with other moms. 

Crying babies allowed :)

AMC Theater has showings exclusively for parents. You can bring your kids with you and not have to worry about what other movie-goers think because they are parents too!

These special matinees are presented by and AMC theaters and are held the first Tuesday of every month. May sure you check the website to see if it is available in select theaters in your town.

Another plus - Part of your ticket purchase will go to the Will Rogers Institute, a nonprofit that provides much-needed equipment to neonatal intensive care units and promotes research, treatment and education on cardio-pulmonary diseases.

Go ahead and check it out : 

Bring Your Baby Matinees 

Kudos to AMC for giving parents this opportunity!


  1. I've heard of those matinees and their a wonderful idea. Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  2. This is amazing! Just found your blog and love it. I never realized that they had matinees like this. I am a nursing mama as well..and brand new blogger! :)

    Thanks for the tip! :)

    1. Hi Brittany! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hooray for nursing moms :)

      I just followed your new blog!



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