Monday, November 18, 2013

React Mobile: Free App that Helps to Enhance Family Safety

I love the idea of an app that can alert your loved ones when you're in danger. With the React Mobile app, you're able to let your friends and family know exactly where you are and can send out an SOS alert during emergency situations.

Robb Monkman, the founder of React Mobile, found inspiration in creating this app when he was held at gunpoint during a home invasion when he was in college. He turned this scary experience into something that would help others. In March 2013, the React Mobile safety app was launched.

How It Works

React Mobile has a “Follow Me” feature, that lets your selected contacts track you in real-time whenever you’re concerned for your safety. 

"Perfect for running or walking alone early in the morning or late at night, keeping track of kids, or meeting a client for the first time, simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let your contacts know when you've arrived at your destination safely."

In an emergency, you simply press the SOS shield on the app which then sends out a panic alert containing a link to your GPS location to your selected emergency contacts via text message and email
It can even optionally be posted to Facebook and Twitter. 

Once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911.

Here's how easy React Mobile is to use:

Who Should Use React Mobile?

The simple answer would be: everyone. The app would especially be important for:

  • Children
  • College Students
  • Realtors

I love all of the features that this app has. The fact that you can have an alert set to post on Twitter and Facebook is genius! Many of us have hundreds, even thousands of family, friends, and followers on social media.

React Mobile can be used internationally. When an SOS alert is triggered, you will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on your geographic location.
I already have this excellent app installed on my phone! 

You can download it for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Connect with React Mobile on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your thoughts about React Mobile?

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