Friday, November 15, 2013

My Yellow Umbrella - Children's Book Review

My Yellow Umbrella
My Yellow Umbrella is about a girl with a big imagination who loves her yellow umbrella. She goes on many adventures with her umbrella and her dog, who is usually not too far behind.

This is such a happy book to read to your kids. The illustrations are fun and colorful. It definitely caught Z's attention as I read the book.

My Yellow Umbrella is a book you can read over and over, without getting bored of it. I love to see my son smile at the pictures as I read to him!

As you read, you can point out different things like colors, objects, or how many dots and stars there are. It makes for a great learning experience for kids.

Connect with the author, Chris Robertson, by visiting his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

My Yellow Umbrella is available on Amazon in Kindle version and paperback.

My Yellow Umbrella

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of My Yellow Umbrella in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Chris! Amazon link is an affiliate link.

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