Friday, June 7, 2013

MilSpouses: Looking for a New Career?

military spouseThis past March I decided that I wanted to study something. I knew that going to a community college would be hard for me because I'm a stay-at-home mom. Not only that but I'm a military spouse. I didn't want to worry about having to enroll in different colleges or whether or not my credits would transfer every time we move. I also didn't want a huge school loan following me around.

I did some research and chose to take an online program. I knew that I could find plenty of resources for military spouses pursuing their education. 

Signing Up for Career Step

  1. Setting up my account with MyCAA was the first step I took.
    [Top 5 MyCAA Myths]
  2. I searched for portable career options and decided on Medical Administrative Assistant. This career has a bright outlook with a much-faster-than-average employment growth according to the Bureau of  Labor Statistics.
  3. Out of the list of institutions, I picked Career Step because I felt like it was the best option for me. The tuition was 100% covered by the funds provided by MyCAA!
  4. I made the call to Career Step and they helped me complete all the forms on the MyCAA portal.
  5. Once I was approved, I got my registration info for the Career Step website and was able to begin right away. Within a few weeks I received my textbooks and other Career Step goodies.

career step


My Career Step Training

So far I have really enjoyed learning at my own pace. Having a tot running around can make it difficult to get things done sometimes but I'm thankful that I have enough time to complete my course! Great flexibility. I use the textbooks in conjunction with the program online and find it helpful to highlight important areas throughout the units. The textbooks can be used to study when you're away from your computer.

One way I interact with other students is through the Career Step forums. Chat sessions are held weekly depending on which program you're enrolled in. I like to use this resource to ask questions and get help whenever I need it.

After Course Completion - What Happens Next?

Once I've successfully completed my program, a graduate advisor at Career Step will personally help me:
  • Review my resume and cover letter
  • Improve my interview skills
  • Let me know when a company has a position available
On top of that, I'll also have military spouse career resources available to assist me in finding a job. I am very confident that I will! I recommend this online school to military spouses and stay-at-home moms.

If you want to enroll or just want to request information about the programs available at Career Step, you can visit the Career Step website.

Note: This post contains my personal Career Step referral link.

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