Monday, April 15, 2013

Sverve for Mom Bloggers


What exactly is Sverve, you ask?

Sverve is an interactive website specially created for bloggers like you!
You put together your profile which emphasizes the areas of influence on your personal blog. You can add up to five areas of influence for others to endorse. The more endorsements you get, the higher your score. It's a great way to gain new readers and find other bloggers like you.

Here's what my Sverve profile looks like

Similar to Pinterest, you can add interesting content by adding tips for other readers to see. This can improve your score when your tips are liked and shared. Being active on Sverve is the best way to get your ideas out there and have readers visit your blog since your tips link back to your original blog post. You can even connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to achieve more social media recognition.

Sharing tips is so easy!

Another awesome aspect of Sverve is the opportunity to apply for campaigns. These can include affiliate programs, product reviews, sponsored posts, promotions for products and seasonal promotions. All you have to do is apply for the campaign that you think fits you best. You can check the campaigns you've applied for and the ones you are engaged in.

Become a Member of the Sverve Community

Sign up today and get your profile going! You'll see how fun it is to browse around and check out other blogs. You might learn some new things too. Follow me and I'll follow and endorse your areas of influence. :) See you there!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Hey There! Thanks for swinging by my blog! You have an adorable blog! The "books for baby" you have listed include some of my all time favs

  2. Hi I am a new follower from the blog hop. Love your blog and your baby is so cute.
    I hope if you have time you can come visit me at



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