Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Ways to Show Your Mom She's Spectacular on Mother's Day

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Beauty Encounter.

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and I’m sure you haven’t planned something for your mom yet. We’re here to the rescue! Make her feel spectacular with any of these ideas to show your love for her.

1 - Surprise her with a mailed gift

All women love perfumes and makeup. We’re certain that your mom loves anything beauty and fab. By visiting www.beautyencounter.com and applying a Beauty Encounter coupon code for discounts on your purchases, you can get the best branded products from Lancome, Chanel, Dior, Bath & Body Works and more. 

Beauty Encounter

A Mother’s Day gift guide is also made possible so you’ll know what choices you have based on product types and prices. You can even have the presents customized so when the package gets delivered, you’ll know it’s handled with extra care. Just imagine your mom’s face light up upon signing the package, especially when you’re living hundreds of miles away from home.

2 - Tickets to a concert
When was the last time she enjoyed a date with your dad? When was the last time she felt young again? Imagine sacrificing time for herself, time to unwind and time to relax when she’s nurturing you and the rest of the family. A night of entertainment is what she needs. Don’t forget to research on bands and musicians she’s a fan of or the type of music she listens during the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Of course, get the best seats!

3 - Never let her do any house chores
Remember even on Christmas day, your mom likes to take care of the family by preparing food and then cleaning up afterwards? Connect with the whole family and plan something for her. Let your mom just relax on her special day. Don’t let her do any household chores. Dad can cook while your younger sister can spend time with mom doing her nails. Make her feel like a queen at her own house.

4 - Reserve a night for her at a 5-star hotel

If you got money saved up and if you have siblings who want to share, it’s a nice idea to book your mom for an overnight stay at a 5-star hotel. She will not only be pampered but she will enjoy the celebrity treatment as well as the facilities in the hotel. Make sure she has a companion to spend the weekend with. Whether it’s your dad, her boyfriend, or a best friend, make sure it’s a journey she’ll never forget. A trip to Palm Springs or the Vegas Strip would also be awesome!

Palm Springs

5 - Pay her a visit

Remember the last time you visited her? Sometimes situations happen when family members had to separate and take some time apart to heal. And when that happens, mothers usually hurt the most especially when it’s between the father and children. On Mother’s Day, paying a visit at home to ask or grant forgiveness is the best and most priceless gift you can ever give her. The thought of having her family complete and happy will be the best Mother’s Day gift.

Happy Mother's Day

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