Hiccups and Sunshine is a PR-friendly blog that was established in August 2012. 

I welcome giveaways, sponsored posts, product reviews, and advertising as long as they are family-friendly. I will only accept products that are relevant to my blog and I may refuse any requests if I feel it does not fit my criteria.

Thank you for your interest!

I love providing my honest review on products that are relevant to my lifestyle.

These can include but not limited to:

Baby/Toddler - Baby carriers, toys, cloth diapers, accessories, baby gear, car seats, strollers, skincare, clothing, shoes, furniture.

Eco-friendly/organic/natural - Cloth pads, cosmetics, skincare, food, beverages, vitamins, supplements. 

Crafts (I own a Brother SE400 Sewing & Embroidery machine) - Fabric, embroidery, sewing, patterns, crafting supplies, craft storage.

Household - Kitchen appliances, cookware, furniture, decor, silverware, electronics.

Photography (I own a Canon Rebel XS) - Cameras, memory cards, tripods, lenses, bags & cases, photo gifts, prints, canvases. 

Women's Products - Beauty, skincare, hair care, jewelry, clothing, shoes.

Men's Products
If you're looking for reviews for men's products or need a review from a male's point of view, my husband is also available:

Computers - software, hardware, computers, keyboards, components.

Video Gaming - gaming consoles, video games, PC games, MMORPG, gaming accessories.

Fitness/Health - Vitamins, supplements, protein, post-workout formulas, grooming.

Review posts will contain links to your website and social media pages. I always share my reviews through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and through my blog's newsletter.

If you are interested in having your product or website featured on Hiccups and Sunshine without a product review, I'd be glad to discuss it with you. A sponsored post will contain information regarding your business and will include links to your website and social media pages.

I will promote through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my newsletter.
Please contact me for current rates.

With giveaways come lots of exposure! My giveaways usually run for 1 week (minimum) but I can have them run longer upon request.

Giveaways are frequently shared through all of my social media pages. I also like to add them to daily and on-going giveaway link-ups for even more exposure.
Your social media pages and newsletter subscription can be added to the giveaway as optional entries.

Once the giveaway has ended, I can have the winner reply to me with their mailing address or I can send you their email and have you reach out to them. Your business will be responsible for prize shipment.

I currently use Giveaway Tools as my giveaway entry form. I find that it has been the most successful way to hold giveaways on my blog.

If you have any questions or requests, please email me at hiccupsandsunshine(at)yahoo(dot)com



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